Rehabilitation of Fresno del Torote, Madrid

Context and location, Fresno del Torote, Madrid. Ideation sketches.

Project explanatory diagrams, details and physical modelling.

Shopping area plans and section.

Some sketches, photomontage and 3D which I did during the degree.


Fresno Torote is northeast of the community of Madrid. Its development was related to livestock and agricultural activities but suffered a gradual abandonment to become, for lack of maintenance, a real ruin. Walking around its center, the image of fortress or castle of antiquity is strengthened by the colors of the materials and the environment.

For its complete abandonment and their situation, the performance in the area has generated many proposal options. Therefore, I make a planning intervention, landscape and architecture.

The main intention is not to interfere too much in the landscape to avoid damaging the natural environment so valuable. I do not intend to create a city, but people enjoy this rural environment and therefore should be strengthened creating growing areas and that leads to the creation of vineyards or olive groves leading to the conception of a building for that use and it can be an important reference point to attract visitors to the town.

The two new buildings that have been studied are the farmhouses and supply center for the people. In order to enjoy nature are created few cottages scattered around overlooking the river as it has an amazing landscape. This other building works for the supply of the people as commercial space. It is also a meeting center, upstairs being a lookout with an area with restaurants and bars, to the enjoyment of the landscape.