Enviromental Education Center_Terradillos, Salamanca

Context and location, Terradillos, Salamanca. Ideation sketches.

Enviromental education center plan and details.

Spaces which it is composed the building and furniture.

Enviromental education center section and details.


Enviromental Education Center_Terradillos, Salamanca

On the occasion to impact as little as possible by the oaks, the decision made is overfly. The first drawings represent a mass volume which runs through by the oaks, but when appraising the choice of materials, I decided to contrast with a metal frame and into the conflict of the natural and the artificial. At the same time this artifact is part of nature itself as it has a shapes very organic architecturally.

Each of the uses of the center is covered in different materials according to the orientation and its use, therefore, large windows open to the North, polycarbonates will be mainly in the runways to South, adjustable horizontal slats of wood to East and to protect from the sun, adjustable aluminum vertical slats in the West.

Trying my project idea, and then the resulting form, will be as coherent as possible, I searched the definition of look and translated to the project, for this reason I got these forms. Look at Nature was what I wanted to achieve.