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Context and location, Hangzhou, China. Ideation sketches.

Housing block plan, housing typologies and furniture design.

Housing and common uses section and internal view.

Constructive section and 3D images.

DEGREE PROJECT – Project published in the “FUTURE” magazine, number 26/27, 2011.

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I started the project researching about the Chinese culture, because it is very different from ours and I was interested in it. I noticed how the first villages were organized, always facing south, surrounded by mountains and the river in the south. In this proposal, my buildings are the mountains and are elevated above the ground plan, where there are housing, gardens and lakes.

The distribution of the architectural element is because I want to create a agricultural community which can stock up on their own food, so the plan is compressed in a longitudinal way and is organized as a fan-shaped always looking south, so that the plants are illuminated as long as possible during the day.

The housing are organized by a furniture splitter and contains all the necessities of housing, these furniture can be decomposed into modules and composed as you like depending on the size and shape of the house, thus I design different typologies. These furniture are opened at the time of use, and when are closed, it can find an open space, for example, beds are in the floor opening sliding doors.

On the one hand, we would have the bedrooms, and on the other hand, the kitchen, lounge and living room, they form a single space because I pretend to the food is the element of community union, so kitchens are designed as space where the family exchange knowledge about food, nutrition and crops which are produced in the building, as well as the center of family reunion.

In the general section of the building, in the ground floor plans there are common uses of commerce in the north, and workshops in the south.

The constructive section represents the mechanism of the furniture system and irrigation system for crops by gray water treatment.

This project was the beginning of the Final Thesis Project.